Short-Term Consultants

DESMA Center welcomes short-term consultant(s) to support our internal operations, project partners, and clients. The level of effort (LOE) will vary depending on the needs and scope of work, sometimes involving collaboration with other consultants. As a consultant, you will provide services in consultancy, research, training, specific project implementation, or coaching for particular project activities. You will work with our management team and/or team of consultants, serving project partners or clients by offering analysis, actionable strategies, attending meetings, traveling to project locations or partner/client offices, and conducting training. You should be proficient at working with people at all levels and from different organisations.

Overall general qualification:

1.    A minimum of 3 - 5 years of experience as a consultant, conducting research/studies or specific projects, not as an assistant to an expert.

2.    A master degree of Tourism or other relevant major to tourism;

3.    To speak and write in English is essential;

4.    Writing with data accuracy and proven analytical skills; 

5.    Experience working with government or private clients and/or working in consulting agency and/or research institution; 

6.    Effective engagement with various stakeholders includes government, development agency, consultants, non-profits, private sectors, business associations and/or community;    

7.    Ability to work in a team and independently;

8.    Confident to discuss and have meeting with high level clients and partners;

9.    Confident to do presentation to high level clients and partners;

10.         Available to travel when needed.


Please submit your CV by indicating your expertise, writing portfolio or relevant credentials to with the subject of email: Short-Term Consultant

Application without credentials mentioned above will not be considered. Please note undergraduate and postgraduate thesis (Skripsi S1 dan Thesis S2) would not be considered as portfolio. If confidentiality is a concern for you, please send a brief version of your credentials that highlights your data accuracy capability and analytical skills.