Internship at DESMA Center

DESMA Center welcomes intern(s) from international or Indonesia university. If tourism development is your chosen career path, internship at DESMA Center will be an initial step into your tourism development professional journey. In DESMA Center, we believe that skills and personal growth can be developed but good character is also important.  

Please note:

Duration: Internship in DESMA Center will last for 6 (six) months.

Education Background: Final Year or Fresh Graduate of Diploma/Bachelor programme

If you are enrolled in a Master programme and you should involve in a specific issue of the projects, please contact to discuss your possibility.     

Timetable: DESMA Center has 2 (two) cycles of internship each year, January to June and July to December. Due to high number of applicants we receive each cycle and the intern posts are limited, please submit your application for internship at least 2 (two) months prior each period.

Administration: For International intern, you will be responsible for financing and obtaining your visa. DESMA Center will assist necessary letters/document to support your visa application.

Travel: For International and national intern whose location is not in Jakarta, Indonesia; you will be responsible for financing your travel to our office location.   

When travel is necessary to be conducted during internship to our project location(s), DESMA Center will cover the travel expense.  

Submission: Please submit your application to with the subject of email: internship.

If you apply for specific advertised intern position, please refer to the information details on job advertisement at our LinkedIn Page.

Once the intern is selected, you will receive the letter of offer and agreement contract prior the internship starts. The letter will indicate the date of your internship, condition applies and job description.  

Career continuation: We also apply the internship as part of career path development within DESMA Center. Whenever possible, we will consider if the intern will be possible to be offered as a staff after a follow up interview before the period of internship completed.