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We offer quality integrated services with our professional team, associates and network. We focus on:


1. Planning and Research 

We provide strategic planning and development, based on characteristics, needs, facilities, available resources and current situation of development of a tourism destination. DESMA Center communicates the planning and research in a way different to normative level. We emphasize more possibilities for implementation of a planning and research results.

2. Education and Capacity Building 

The role of human resources is essential to ensure the sustainability of tourism products and quality of services provided. We provide creative education and dynamic training programs, adapted to the level of knowledge and skills, as well as the needs of a tourism destination where the participants work. 


3. Marketing and its Implementation Strategies 

Creative tourism products and services will not be recognized if it is not communicated to broad market. Information about destinations, including tourism products and services, requires a communication strategy through different media (print, audio, or video). We work with various partners to communicate a destination, its products and services through various strategies.