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DESMA Center has published a report on a project research of visitor management at Khao Yai National Park (KYNP), Thailand, a World Heritage Site (WHS) and ASEAN Heritage Park (AHP). The project is conducted under the collaboration with Tourism Industry and Hospitality Management, Mahidol University International College, Thailand. The repost focuses on how KYNP provides quality service to improve visitors’ experience while maintaining management objectives of the park; level of visitor satisfaction towards information and service provided; and stakeholder roles to conserve values of the park and how they contribute to visitor management process. At the end of report presents discussion and other important issues on capacity building and integrated promotion as strategies towards visitor management at KYNP.


Keywords: Visitor Management, Ecotourism, Satisfaction level, Stakeholders roles, Natural World Heritage Site, Khao Yai National Park, Thailand


Suggested citation: Mahdayani, W., Suryadi, S., Muangasame, K. (2011) Visitor Management for Ecotourism Development at World Heritage Site – A Case Study of Khao Yai National Park, Thailand. Jakarta: DESMA Center.

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